Welcome to MistViper!

Please read the rules of the forum below before posting. We try to make the MistViper forums a fun place for gamers to hang out and make friends. Of course we understand that sometimes there will be heated debates and issues, but we urge all members to stay level headed. If a situation is out of control, or someone is breaking the rules, please report that post so a moderator or administrator can handle it accordingly. The rules should only take a few minutes to read, and it is imperative that you understand them before posting. Remember that using this forum is a privilege, and if you constantly break the rules we have the right to ban you.

Now lets get on to the rules!

1) Discussion of anything illegal is prohibited in the MistViper forums. Please use common sense before posting, as to avoid issues of this nature.

2) Swearing is allowed on MistViper, however we have censored many of the very mature words, that we deem unsuitable for the forum. Excessive swearing may result in an infraction; it is up to the judgement of the staff whether or not someone violates this rule.

3) Advertising of any site is not allowed. If you have your own site and you simply put a link to it in your signature, that is fine, but anything more is not allowed. If someone is looking for help, and a certain site contains that information, then you may post the link, but again it is the staff's decision if you are breaking this rule. The only exception to this rule is if you advertise in the social gaming promotion section or if you are an MVG partner.

4) Bumping threads is allowed every 24 hours, if you keep posting on the same thread without anyone else having posted, you may be dealt with an infraction as well as the posts being deleted.

5) Spam/Malicious posts are not allowed on the forum. If you have an issue with someone please take care of it privately through the private messaging system or if there is a serious issue notify a staff member.

6) While we do not require perfect spelling/grammar, we do want posts to be understandable. We realize that many people are not native speakers, and we will be careful with this rule, but if an issue exists we will try and fix it in any way we can.

7) There is absolutely no pornography or pirating allowed on this forum. Posting of either of these may result in an immediate ban.

8) Feedback/Suggestions are always welcome in the MistViper community. However if we feel like there are posts made for the sole reason of insulting/damaging our community we will take action immediately. Please post in the suggestions/feedback forum if you have any constructive criticism.

9) Multiple accounts are not allowed, anyone found having multiple accounts will be punished accordingly. If you have an issue with this, please let us know. We understand you may have someone in the same household using the forum, in which case we may allow it.

10) All avatars and signatures must not contain inappropriate images, inappropriate images will be taken off without prior notification and may result in an infraction.

11) Private message/profile comments may not be used to advertise, insult or break any of the rules on the forum. If you receive a PM that breaks any rules please report it immediately.

12) Backseat moderation is not appreciated. If you feel like something is breaking the rules please report it, and it will be handled ASAP.

13) Although we value all members opinion in the community, MistViper reserves the right to delete,move,edit any post and/or ban a member that we feel is not following the rules. We also take malicious posts and harassment on the forums extremely seriously, so please refrain from it.

14) For using our site as a member or guest is not suitable for people younger then 13. We welcome all ages in truth but do not recommend children under 13 to visit or join our forums unless they have parent approval of course. While we cannot really check the age of people who join we will try our best to monitor this and keep it under wraps.

MistViper is a very laid back community made for gamers. Please follow the rules, as well as use common sense so we can keep this community alive and well. If you have any feedback on these rules feel free to post them in the suggestions/feedback forum and/or PM me. We hope you have fun on MistViper and game on!