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  1. Favorite Console?
  2. Whats your favorite childhood game?
  3. Funny Game Memes
  4. Prices of Games
  5. Decide to buy?
  6. Gaming hours.
  7. On what do you game?
  8. Pirating ?
  9. Steam vs Origin
  10. What do you listen to while gaming?
  11. Longest game to beat?
  12. If you where stuck in a game?
  13. The Thalmor Are Everywhere....
  14. How long have you been gaming?
  15. Take a picture of your gaming setup
  16. List your gaming achievements!!
  17. #PlayStationNation or no?
  18. Your first console(s)
  19. Sexual Nature of Gaming
  20. any platform
  21. Free to play good or bad?
  22. ESports
  23. Hardest campaign to beat?
  24. Music in Gaming
  25. Do you test games before buying?
  26. Have any of you tried the oculus rift or google cardboard?
  27. Every game ever or your top 10 games?
  28. Video game magazines
  29. any platform
  30. Ps4 or xbox1
  31. In-game Names/Alias (Current, Past,Funny,Clever...etc)
  32. TeamSpeak 3 Server Vote
  33. Is your partner a gamer too?
  34. League of Legends Discussion
  35. Amazing SSB
  36. Favorite Professional Gamer?
  37. What System do you feel you'll be in 5 Years?
  38. Favorite Game?
  39. If you could live in one game...
  40. How old were you when you first started gaming?
  41. What current system(s) do you own?
  42. What is the story behind your gaming name?
  43. If you could invent a game, what would it be?
  44. What is the best game to buy?
  45. The death of a genre?
  46. Doom + MegaMan fans
  47. Biggest game played so far and how much GB did it take up?
  48. Cross-System Games?
  49. game recomendations?
  50. Chromehounds (Xbox 360)
  51. What game(s) are you currently playing?
  52. Gifting friends stuff, what have you given and got?
  53. The first and the last game you truly raged because of?
  54. How to Make a CoD Clan
  55. If you could have one game into a movie, and it will be a great movie
  56. If you could improve a game?
  57. What are some of the cheats you've encountered so far by cheaters/game hackers?
  58. Best Game cinematics you've seen so far?
  59. Wha Game Would You Like to See Made?
  60. What is your favorite game you like to play?
  61. What gaming character's name would you use in x game?
  62. The man who makes giant swords
  63. Are Gaming Companies Corrupt?
  64. GTA V Car Meet's
  65. The MVG Crew for GTA V
  66. Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One
  67. Pointless Videos
  68. What about card games?
  69. Hearthstone
  70. Did you ever...